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Unlock the transformative potential of natural healing at Acupuncture of Columbia in Columbia, MO. Explore our wide range of conditions treated, dedicated to nurturing your well-being and guiding you on your path to optimal health. Experience the benefits of our comprehensive approach to holistic healing.

Women’s Health

Our approach to Women’s Health

At Acupuncture of Columbia, we believe in a holistic, individualized, and patient-centered approach to women’s health. We understand that every woman’s body, experiences, and health concerns are unique, and thus require personalized care. Our expert staff are trained to not only address the symptoms but also to identify and treat the root cause of your health issues. In a calm, supportive environment, we work closely with each of our patients to create a tailored treatment plan designed to promote optimal health, well-being, and balance. Our goal at Acupuncture of Columbia in Columbia, MO is to enhance your quality of life, empowering you to live pain-free.

what we help with

Women’s Health conditions
we treat

We specialize in treating a wide array of women’s health conditions at Acupuncture of Columbia in Columbia, MO. Our skilled practitioners leverage the power of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and microcurrent therapy to provide relief from:

Living with anxiety can be stressful and debilitating. Our holistic approach aims to alleviate anxiety symptoms, helping to restore your inner calm and resilience.

Depression can cast a shadow over your life. At Acupuncture of Columbia, we use a holistic approach to support your mental wellbeing, offering a natural route to improved mood and emotional health.

Living with endometriosis can be painful and distressing. We aim to manage this discomfort through a personalized wellness plan, providing a natural route to pain relief and improved quality of life.

Supporting fertility and a healthy pregnancy is paramount to us. Our effective treatments aim to enhance fertility and provide a supportive environment during pregnancy.

Fibroids can lead to significant discomfort and reproductive complications. Our holistic treatments seek to manage these symptoms and support your body’s natural healing processes.

Assisted reproduction can be emotionally and physically taxing. We offer supportive treatments alongside IVF/IUI to improve outcomes and alleviate the stresses of these procedures.

Irregular periods can disrupt your life and signify underlying health issues. At Acupuncture of Columbia, we aim to restore balance and regularity to your cycle, enhancing your overall wellbeing.

Ovarian cysts can cause severe pain and hormonal imbalances. We provide therapeutic treatments aiming to relieve pain and restore balance, helping you regain control of your health.

Debilitating period pain can affect your quality of life. Our treatments aim to relieve menstrual pain, bringing comfort and regularity to your menstrual cycle.

The transition through perimenopause and menopause can be challenging. Our treatments seek to manage symptoms and promote hormonal balance, guiding you through this life stage with greater ease.

PCOS can disrupt your hormonal balance and fertility. We use holistic medicine to help manage symptoms and support overall hormonal health, offering you a natural path to wellbeing.

The physical and emotional symptoms of PMS can be debilitating. Our therapeutic approach seeks to alleviate these symptoms, bringing peace and harmony back to your life every month.

Recurring UTIs can be frustrating and uncomfortable. We utilize natural practices to manage symptoms and prevent recurrence, promoting overall urinary health.

Brenda McKee
December 27, 2021

Gina is AMAZING! She helped me when I felt my worst! I am so much better now and will continue to see her! Won’t do life without her!

Christine Lesicko
April 12, 2023

Gina and her staff are wonderful. Acupuncture really helps me relax and overcome some serious stress responses especially in my shoulders and neck. I always look forward to my appointments.

Tina Murphy
August 18, 2022

Gina is fabulous. She is so friendly and energetic. If you are nervous, she will explain everything so that you can enjoy your experience. Best investment!

Donna Casady
July 8, 2022

Everyone there is so welcoming. The atmosphere is quiet with relaxing music playing throughout. The table is soft and can be heated to your preference and there's a heat lamp keeping your bare feet warm. Still not comfortable? They'll offer you a blanket. Gina is genuine and remembers conversations she has with you and will ask about those things/people at your next visit. Gina is encouraging, always asking how you're doing so she can better decide how to treat you. When I first started treatments here, I felt like I'd gotten back to around 70% from a fall I'd had nine months prior. Now I feel like I'm back to 90 something percent (and all I did was lie on a soft, warm table and almost dose off!). I plan to continue for even more improvement. Give this place a try. You'll quickly feel like you're among friends!

Isabel Venezia
January 18, 2023

The BEST people and the BEST experience! The staff is so sweet, helpful and make every appointment relaxing. Gina has become one of my favorite people and has been such a special part of my IVF journey.

Lisa Young
February 19, 2021

Gina has created a very comfortable, relaxing atmosphere you won’t want to leave! The friendly staff go the distance to make you feel welcome and appreciated. The facility is very clean and organized, yet homey. Gina is an expert treating my neuropathy, easing my severe pain to tolerable. I recommend and trust her services to everyone.

Jessica Bodine
June 9, 2022

I had a wonderful experience with Acupuncture of Columbia. I was in Columbia because a family member was having a medical procedure and started having severe pain in my hip/back/sciatica. They were able to get me in super fast and helped me so much. I super appreciated that they would see me knowing that I wouldn’t be a long term client due to actually living far away! Thank you, Gina! You are amazing! Everyone was so friendly and made me feel so welcome and comfortable!

Lisa Jenkins
October 31, 2020

Gina cares so much about her patients! I have been feels ng so much better. Highly recommend!

Sarah Rosen
January 18, 2023

I’ve been a client at Acupuncture of Columbia for a while now and I’ve been consistently happy with everything about this place! Gina and her staff are kind, friendly, and very accommodating. Everyone takes such stock in my concerns and does everything in their power to make my experience comfortable. I always leave feeling calmer, happier, and lighter. I can not recommend this place enough!!

Tanya Pet
December 1, 2022

Gina has been great to work with. She gets it. And she has a plan!

kate lunn
October 31, 2020

I am forever grateful to Gina for helping me with an internal pain that no one could diagnose, back/neck pain and getting my hair to grow back. Laying on her table is the most relaxed I have ever been in my life, it's almost hard to explain unless you try. For me, when I walk out of her office I have pain relief, and the feeling you get after meditation and a power nap!

Gennie Pfannenstiel
March 17, 2022

Acupuncture of Columbia, Inc. is the place to be for healing the past and the present for a healthy future here and now. I started going to Gina Butler for help with numerous symptoms, triggered by an in-depth call for healing, by my body, hosting a skeletal system violated in my childhood. It's been a long healing journey, and it has moved miraculously, thanks to Gina being a key healer, on my team, with her acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I appreciate her greatly, along with her welcoming and caring staff! ❤️

Julie Lundsted
April 28, 2022

Gina is FABULOUS! She is kind and compassionate. My acupuncture treatments with her have helped my chronic back pain stay under control. Words can’t express how thankful I am to have found her!!

Steffi Kelly
March 3, 2023

I’m so happy that Gina is in Columbia, Mo. I have quit taking Aleve or anything else because of acupuncture with Gina. Also, I can now walk barefoot.

Maggie Harl
May 15, 2019

Gina is wonderful to work with! She's so encouraging and optimistic and will gladly answer any questions you have about acupuncture. Upon first meeting her, you can tell that she knows her stuff and will give you the best care she can give. She treats patients like old friends and provides an energizing yet calming environment to feel welcome in. I've been seeing her for acupuncture related to fertility and stress, and have already noticed a difference in my body's stress levels! The world could definitely use more people like Gina!

Sarah Hoover
November 19, 2021

Acupuncture of Columbia and Gina's wisdom have supported me in having a healthy menstrual cycle, creating stress relief, and, most recently, in healing a fractured foot. Also, the staff here are always so kind and professional. Most importantly, Gina's precise understanding of the body's systems and how energy moves in our body means that every session I leave feeling so rested and so vibrantly healthy. I highly recommend receiving acupuncture at Acupuncture of Columbia for whole health of body, mind and energy!

Jessica Brock
January 27, 2023

I have cervical dystonia and receive a lot of treatments for pain management but Gina's acupuncture is by far my favorite and the only one I look forward to. Each session she tailors treatment on my current pain locations and it gets me through the weeks! Everyone there knows your name and really seems to care!

Jane Goble
May 24, 2022

I’m having so much nerve pain relief after just a few treatments! Thank you Gina! Amazing!!

Connie Williams
June 16, 2021

Gina saved my breath, if not my life when I began seeing her for uncontrolled asthma more than 5 years ago. After one treatment, I was able to breathe more freely than I believed possible. Soon, with physician approval, I stopped daily high dose steroids and 2 inhalers I'd taken for years. I've seen her once per month ever since to maintain these gains.

Natasha Parker
May 7, 2023

I started seeing Gina in February while undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Acupuncture has made my neuropathy and chemo induced nausea much more tolerable. It’s also helped with stress and insomnia from the steroids I’m taking with treatment.

Diane Ederle
March 19, 2022

I have been seeing Gina for about two year now and when I first started with her I was have anywhere from 2 to 3 migraines a month. Once I started my treatment Gina got me into such a great place that I was maybe having one migraine a month if even that. With her treatments I was in such a great spot. Then once I found out I was pregnant I started getting bad migraines again and with being limited on what I was able to take nothing was working for me. Gina came to the rescue. I started seeing her once a week and she gave me some tacks to use in between visits if I started to have a bad headache/migraine. She properly showed me where I could place the tacks and they have been a life saver. Tylenol wasn’t working for me but ever since I started using the tacks I haven’t had to use Tylenol. Thank you Gina for everything you have done!

Amy Morgan
May 17, 2023

Excellent acupuncture experience. The staff are kind, professional and friendly, and the place is very clean, calm and inviting. Gena is one of the best acupuncturists I've been to. I highly recommend going here!

Leanne Tippett Mosby
May 5, 2023

Gina Butler and the staff at Acupuncture of Columbia are simply wonderful. The facilities are top notch, making the whole experience comfortable from start to finish, because from the moment you walk in the door, the atmosphere in the clinic is warm, welcoming and calming. All of the staff are very friendly and kind. Highly recommend!

Michelle Teti
March 1, 2013

I developed an extremely annoying case of eczema when I moved to Missouri three years ago. I saw two different dermatologists. Both were unable to get the situation under control, no matter what they tried or prescribed - including various cortisone and immune suppressant creams, and all kinds of antihistamines. The rash was on my neck, shoulders, and face - and made me completely uncomfortable. I resolved that I would just need to endure it, which is basically what others with eczema AND the doctors said - "Sorry, there is no cure for eczema - the best you can hope for is more good days than bad." Gina took a different approach 🙂 She prescribed an herbal formula, which changed everything. Within a week my symptoms were gone. Now, it flares up now and again but 1 day of herbs basically takes care of it. I see Gina for any and every problem I have and she is simply awesome. I especially wanted to write about her magical eczema powers, though, so that everyone else who is suffering knows they have an option!

Rae Willis
July 15, 2022

Gina and her team gave me a new chance at life I never thought possible. I struggled with UTIs for years and tried everything...going to specialists, taking antibiotics, taking various supplements, and changing my diet and lifestyle. NOTHING. WORKED. The constant stream of UTIs left me feeling anxious and seriously impacted my quality of life and the relationships in my life. I had to miss out on so much because my UTIs kept me confined to the bathroom. At my first visit with Gina, I came in crying because my spirit was so broken, and now after nine months of treatment, I come in crying happy tears because I haven't felt this good in YEARS!!! My UTIs are gone, my menstrual cycle has never been better, and I feel amazing! I so highly recommend Gina and her team. Try it out, you won't regret it! If I could give them six stars I would!

nancy baker
June 19, 2023

This is by far the best experience I have ever had in my life. I found healing in my mind, body, and soul. It brought me peacefulness, and calmness. A lot of care has been put into the experience that you feel, see & hear I was cleansed from a lot of stress that I was carrying. Sam is comforting and pleasant. Marissa is efficient and polite. Gina is one of a kind genuine, intelligent, and kind❣️ (EVERYONE should experience this at least once in their life.)

kaleigh miller
July 11, 2022

I have been going to Acupuncture of Columbia for several months and have seen a difference in my body. Today I went in with a terrible migraine and Gina was so kind and caring. She worked her magic with her placement of the needles and I walked out feeling like a new woman! The migraine was gone and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Raelin Kronenberg
May 10, 2023

This place is lovely! Honestly some of the best care I have gotten anywhere. Gina truly listens to you and provides wonderful acupuncture treatment. I always leave feeling so relaxed and am excited to continue to see improvements in many aspects of my physical and mental health.

Amanda Kretsinger
December 16, 2022

Acupuncture of Columbia is the most restful and aesthetically pleasing healing environment I have ever encountered. The office staff exude a calming and welcoming presence, and Gina embodies professional excellence, balanced with enthusiasm and peaceful confidence. Every session is like a spa treatment, and I feel spoiled and so privileged to be on the receiving end of such wonderful care. Thank you for the intentional and excellent service that you provide, it means so much.

Hanna Nosova
January 20, 2023

Gina is very kind, professional and knowledgeable. Staff if very polite and helpful. Office and treatment rooms are clean, light and music are very pleasant and calming. I made 10 sessions of acupuncture and want to take 10 more (once a week). The best experience!

Stephanie L.
March 12, 2021

Acupuncture with Gina is more than just the treatment. The whole atmosphere is an experience of comfort, serenity, relaxation, and of feeling an intense sense of well-being. I'm so grateful for Gina.

Caryn Ginter
February 15, 2023

Gina has been treating my migraines for several years and they have improved greatly. The frequency of my migraines has diminished and continues to do so. I now go monthly for a maintenance session. Gina and her staff are wonderful. Trying acupuncture and being treated by Gina was the best decision I made.

Clara Unger
April 6, 2023

i highly, highly recommend acupuncture of columbia. i have suffered chronic neck pain for three years without long term relief from any therapy i had attempted (physical therapy, chiropractic work, varieties of exercise, medication, muscle relaxers, radiofrequency nerve ablation, and more) and honestly (though mistakenly) saw acupuncture of columbia as a last ditch effort. since beginning my treatment in september of 2022, i have seen an unbelievable improvement in my quality of life. (as a college student, it’s pretty difficult when simply going to class requires the majority of my pain-free hours.) i am now able to remain pain free for a full month between treatments, a milestone i truly never believed i would reach. gina and the rest of the staff are incredibly kind and truly make my mornings better on days when i come in. my treatment plan has been clearly communicated to me from the start. i feel very well-informed of my own health and progress, and feel cared for on the more difficult days. if you live in columbia and have been considering acupuncture, i enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend acupuncture of columbia.

Dianne Buffington
November 11, 2022

Love my experiences with Gina Butler and staff! All are personable, professional but also, I am getting results from the treatments I have received! It was a great choice to begin acupuncture with her! Yay me! 😉

Kelly Mottaz
September 27, 2021

Gina has helped my body get back in balance with itself. I am always rejuvenated after my therapy with Gina and so much less stressed out. I also appreciate her ability to mix special herbs for specific ailments. All of her services are absolutely worth it. I will also soon try the massage therapist too.

Mary Camille
September 26, 2022

I recently completed 10 acupuncture sessions with Gina to treat plantar fasciitis. If you have ever had plantar fasciitis you know it can be very painful! I have a 98% relief in pain. This was my first experience with acupuncture and pleased I tried it. I would definitely have acupuncture again in the future. The staff members are all very nice adding to my positive experience. The office/patient areas are very relaxing and comfortable which also enhanced whole experience. Thank you Gina,

Sara Steen
June 13, 2023

Gina is an AMAZING HEALER!!! I met her 2 years ago after a traumatic event that left me with PTSD. After not sleeping for months due to nightmares, severe anxiety, panic attacks, flashbacks and a nervous system that was stuck in fight or flight, I found relief that I desperately needed. I remember thinking I didn't even know if I could make the 45 minute drive to my first appointment because the images/flashbacks in my mind were so bad and they were constant. Gina listened with a kind open heart and assured me she could help. I felt like I was sharing with a real friend. In the first session, I could tell something was happening within me but I wasn't clear what it was. I was more relaxed for sure. Driving home I was shocked because it was a pleasant drive! The debilitating flashbacks were all but gone and that night I slept without nightmares for the first time! I cried many, many times before seeing Gina again because she had quite literally saved my life. I needed those things to STOP before I could do anything to help myself. I believe I did 10 sessions and herbs for a very reasonable price, especially when the treatment gets to the root of the problem rather than just treating some symptoms. Gina more than exceeded my expectations as a person and a healer. I will be forever grateful to her. I recently contacted Gina again for the ulna nerve problem I was having after having surgery 7 months ago on my elbow. The pain and weakness has continued to worsen. I have now had 3 sessions with Gina and it has improved tremendously. My last session reduced the pain even more than I thought possible. I'm very confident I am in the right place for the healing my body needs. I look forward to every visit. The office staff is always so kind, warm and greet me by name which I really appreciate. That alone says to me, "You are important to us."

Emily Brown
January 25, 2023

Gina is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I had struggled with chronic pain for years before I found her and she really listened to me and helped me be able to manage my pain. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Candace Rodman
October 24, 2020

Since I was very young I have battled migraines. It finally got so bad that I was averaging 3 debilitating migraines a week. I would sit under my desk at work with the lights out and try not to cry or throw up. I decided to start seeing Gina after doctors, MRIs, neurologists, allergists, chiropractors and all the meds never worked. My only regret is that I didn’t go to her sooner!!! Finally in my 30’s after 20+ years of battling migraines, acupuncture has gotten me down to less than 5 A YEAR! Gina has been life changing for me! And it’s also great that she happens to be the sweetest person in the world too!

Julie Bonifay
January 12, 2020

I moved to Columbia in 2015 and shortly after the move got very sick. Being new to Columbia I didn't know who to turn to which was scary and stressful. I feel extremely luck to have found Gina - her acupuncture and Chinese herbs healed my body and now I recommend her to all my friends.

Payton Finley
January 18, 2023

Gina is awesome! She is so kind and really cares about her patients. Acupuncture helped me through the first half of my pregnancy when I felt miserable with early pregnancy symptoms. It relieved a lot of nausea and anxiety and I am incredibly grateful. Her staff are very nice, helpful and welcoming. The whole experience is relaxing and was truly one of the best parts of my weeks! I will be back for more! Highly recommend.

Kelly Howe
March 30, 2020

I would highly recommend seeing Gina! When I started seeing her for acupuncture in December of 2019, I was experiencing constant fatigue and hadn’t had a menstrual cycle in almost 9 months. After just 2 appointments(2 weeks) my energy started to return, my mind was clearer and I was back on a regular cycle. I continue to feel better(and have a regular cycle) and the longer I see her and I no longer feel fatigued during the day! Her bedside manner is warm and caring and she always puts me in the best mood:)

Barbara Carman
August 17, 2022

Gina is a very talented healer. Her acupuncture treatments are really helping with my chronic pain issues and my overall health. I'd tell anyone considering Acupuncture of Columbia, give them a call. You won't regret it.

Laura Cole
July 20, 2022

Gina is simply wonderful. She helped me manage migraines and stress through a difficult period of time and I could feel the effects of my sessions immediately. Her space is gorgeous and calming and I always look forward to spending an hour of zen there!

Stephanie Hanneken
May 12, 2021

Since I have been getting acupuncture I have not had to have any eye injections for my Macular Degeneration. The Retinal Specialist doesn’t believe that acupuncture makes any difference. I believe and no injections…I’m a happy camper! Gina is extremely professional and compassionate.

Keyona Mcbride
July 20, 2022

Wonderful people and Gina is amazing. I'm so happy with my results. Gina definitely knows her job very well... Everytime I talk to her it eases my mind. I highly recommend her and her team!! Thanks Gina Seriously

Terri Eiffert
January 13, 2023

Acupuncture has improved my arthritis in my hand 70% so far, and I’ve been a client for 2 months! Gina is professional and friendly; the offices are beautifully decorated, spotless and calming. I would absolutely recommend acupuncture with Gina!

Alyssa Gutwein
June 16, 2022

The team at Acupuncture of Columbia is a delight! They always greet you with a smile and the atmosphere is amazing. I can't recommend their services enough if you're having pain with no relief from other forms of treatment.

Cindy Calvin
February 25, 2022

Gina is amazing! Such a warm and genuine human. Here facility is beautiful, calm and comforting. My body and nervous system functions so much better since I started seeing her.

LuShawna Gerdes
May 19, 2023

Besides just being an all-around rockstar of a human being, Gina's acupuncture treatments have greatly enhanced the quality of my life! I work in the field of evidence-based medicine and have learned about the amazing results with many conditions particularly pain, reproductive, and allergies. It is a shame that there is not funding for large scale studies so that the benefits of acupuncture can be shared and promoted more widely with greater credibility. Gina has treated and helped me with numerous conditions including back and neck pain, allergies, vocal polyps, uterine fibroids, anxiety, and tinnitus. In fact, after suffering for months with pulsatile tinnitus, a side effect of a severe upper respiratory infection, my ears popped immediately half-way through the first treatment and my symptoms resolved completely within a few weeks. For those that are new to acupuncture, it is important to understand that acupuncture treatments are dose dependent like most interventions. Therefore, you will likely need to make a commitment to weekly (or even twice weekly, depending on the condition) for 5 to 12 weeks to see long term results. Most of the evidence in the world medical literature support this concept along with my own personal experience. I strongly recommend Acupuncture of Columbia for its health outcome effectiveness, kind staff, and relaxing environment. You will not be disappointed.

lauren wimmer
May 10, 2021

Gina sees the whole person and has been such a gift on my healing journey. I’ve been working with Gina through acupuncture and herbs for two weeks now and the amount of change I have noticed is unbelievable. If you’ve been thinking about setting up a consultation, let this be your gentle nudge forward into a journey of abundant healing. Gina is so knowledgeable, kind and truly amazing at what she does.

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