For over five years, I struggled with recurrent UTIs.

A Rae Story

I lived in constant fear of when the next one would strike and of all the plans I’d have to cancel when it did. I saw more doctors and specialists than I care to count. They all prescribed the same thing. Antibiotics. But the antibiotics weren’t fixing the root problem and they didn’t always work. Finally, I had a doctor point me to acupuncture. I had never considered acupuncture and didn’t know what it could treat, but I was so desperate that if my doctor had suggested sacrificing a chicken in the woods under a full moon, I probably would have tried it. 

Gina paired my acupuncture with herbal medicine and it worked miracles! Granted, the herbal tea tastes like something the kids made in the yard, but I gladly drink it because I have never felt so good! The UTIs are under control and I’m reaping all the “side benefits” of acupuncture and herbal medicine like more energy and less illness. So. Worth. It.

Chinese medicine is unique from Western medicine in several distinct ways.

Western medicine is usually a chemically synthesized compound which is designed to treat one specific condition. Chinese medicine is a mixture of herbs, minerals, and animal extracts which can be custom blended to meet the needs of each patient with the goal of treating the root problem. Western medicine can be very potent and fast acting (which is sometimes just what you need!) but often comes with negative side effects. Chinese medicine can be slower acting but effective at treating the root problem and often comes with side benefits. All of our body parts work together so when one system is healthy, the the other parts benefit too!

Here are just a few conditions that Gina (our very own board certified Chinese herbalist) frequently treats with herbal medicine:

Sinus Issues
Digestive Problems
Urinary Difficulties
High Blood Pressure
Thyroid Abnormalities

So don’t go throwing all your prescription meds in the trash, but do have a conversation with us about what herbal medicines could be a good fit for you. You just might have more options than you think!