As a chronic migraine patient for over twenty five years, I have learned not only to be proactive about my health care, but also to be open-minded.

A Katerina Story

Part of being open-minded means trying new therapies. Last Spring, upon my neurologist’s advice, I decided to try Botox injections for my chronic daily migraines. I obtained prior authorization from my insurance company, and I was cleared to start Botox therapy.

About six weeks after the first round of injections, I received a bill for $500. Although the drug was supposedly covered under my plan, I knew that there were sometimes significant costs passed on to the patient. So, I paid my bill.

Two months after my second round of injections, I received another bill for $1,500. I had to stop and ask myself why I was paying such a high price for a medication that was supposedly covered by my insurance. I started the appeal process, but my appeal was denied on the basis of having missed the three months from service appeal deadline. I ended up paying the $1,500 bill.

Needless to say, I stopped therapy because it was too stressful not knowing where I stood on the cost point. For that price, I could have received at least two months of acupuncture care, which, in the end, was more effective in treating my migraines than Botox ever showed itself to be.

No one wants to pay out of pocket for their health. However, when you have chronic pain nagging at you constantly, the blissful high of being able to experience life without that pain is permanent. For this restored quality of life, I would be willing to part with a few dollars paid out of pocket — especially if I knew FOR SURE how much it would cost me BEFORE the treatment!

Like many private healthcare providers, Acupuncture of Columbia uses a cash pay system (Meaning clients pay for services at the time of the appointment).


You can know exactly what products and services cost before you pay.


No extra costs for time-consuming paperwork and insurance billing. Your money is going straight to the products and services you purchase.


You never have to wonder if a provider is “in network”.


No surprise bills or charges months later.


It’s easy to price compare one cash pay service to another.

AND Submittable

An increasing number of insurance companies are now covering acupuncture!

Whether this is your first appointment or you’ve been getting acupuncture for years, call your insurance company to ask if they cover acupuncture, for what conditions they’ll cover it, if there are any acupuncturist requirements, how many visits are covered, and what documentation they need from you. Then all you have to do after paying in office, is get a “superbill” from us after each visit and submit it to your insurance. Acupuncture of Columbia also offers discounts for paying for your treatment plan in full, or you can pay in convenient installments.

So don’t put in a pin in your wellness (unless it’s a literal pin and that pin is an acupuncture needle). Invest in yourself for a healthier future.