There have been a few times in my life I thought I was going to die.

A Rae Story

Twice it was in taxis in foreign countries. Once was in a dentist office that looked like something straight out of a horror film. I kid you not, it was decorated in clown décor and the dentist was an elderly man who worked there entirely alone…and there were no other patients in the office. Like an expendable character in a “B” movie, I stayed. BUT, as is evidenced by my corporeal writing of this email, I made it out alive and even got a complimentary toothbrush. But I think we can all agree, finding a quality health practitioner who also provides a great environment, is a rare treasure.

At Acupuncture of Columbia, we offer just that, quality care AND an environment which makes you want to linger. Every aspect of your patient experience, from the moment you walk in the door, is intentionally designed to provide comfort, confidence, and healing.

All of your senses are invited to enjoy our spa-like sanctuary decorated in earthy modern décor with calming aromas, peaceful music, heated beds, and foot warmers (you heard me, foot warmers).

If you’ve never tried acupuncture, you might also be surprised to learn that the experience is quite painless and can actually feel very euphoric and relaxing. Several single use needles are used per treatment. Each needle is only the thinness of a single hair! Once the needles are in place, you get about thirty minutes to relax, meditate, or nap.

The best part about our clinic is that you can have complete confidence in the quality of your acupuncturist. Gina Butler has an Associates of Science degree from Olympic College, a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from the Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine, studied under Robert Doane (one of the most prestigious acupuncturists in the United States), is board certified in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, is licensed by the state of Missouri to practice, and has over nineteen years of experience bringing successful healing to patients. (You go, girl!)

And it’s not just her extensive credentials that make her an amazing healer, but her joyful sincere spirit. Gina wants you to be your best and healthiest self. She always takes time to listen to each patient and tailors a custom treatment plan just for you.