I’ve been using the same blender since my wedding.

A Rae Story

It’s hard to say if it’s gotten less effective over the years or if it was always a mediocre piece of equipment. Probably it’s both. I mean sure, a blender has one job, to blend, and it hadn’t really been doing that, but we’d gotten pretty used to chewing our smoothies. That is until my sister came to stay with us and brought her blender. Yup, we now have a new blender which actually does the blender thing of blending.

As humans, our ability to adapt to even less than ideal situations is impressive. But it’s also another human trait of being able to see a better way and adopt it that is the hallmark of progress. (Just think about the legacy left by the first dude to figure out that peeled bananas are way better than unpeeled ones.) And I’d like to suggest that frequency-specific microcurrent therapy is a bit like that, the peeled banana. Even if your current pain management system is sort of working, if there was a better way, wouldn’t you want to switch?

The concept behind  frequency specific microcurrent therapy is very simple.

Our bodies run on electrical impulses.

Almost every brilliant little cell in our bodies runs on a tiny electrical impulse created by the exchange of elements (like sodium and potassium) through the cell wall. These electrical impulses carry messages throughout our nervous system, allow our hearts to pump, and so much more.

When tissue damage occurs, cell function and communication is disrupted.

This can be caused by things like swelling, inflammation, and excessive scar tissue.

Sending a microcurrent of electricity to those damaged area ignites and/or speeds up the rate at which cells heal by increasing cellular activity and super charging communication between cells.

The process is safe, painless and shockingly relaxing (ha, see what I did there). Different frequencies can be used to promote healing for different types tissue in the body. Frequency specific microcurrent therapy can increase the cell’s production of ATP (the cell’s basic unit of energy) by up to 500%! It also softens tissues which have hardened due to scarring or tension. 

At Acupuncture of Columbia, we’ve seen great results treating people with:

If any of those conditions describe you, we’d love to talk to you in person and create a plan for your healing! Don’t give up hope on yourself, we haven’t!