Remember playing the board game, Life?

A Rae Story

What was the coveted Life tile achievement in your family? In mine it was definitely “Build a Better Mouse Trap” (all live traps of course) and “Invent New Ice Cream Flavor” (spicy chocolate peanut butter with pretzels is totally going to be the new vanilla).

At Acupuncture of Columbia we aren’t claiming to have cured the common cold (sorry y’all), the human relationship with our environment is just a complicated thing. But we have some pretty darn good success helping people achieve better immune health which is almost the same thing.

The immune system is a complicated arsenal of defense against the viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites who seek to overthrow our bodily abodes. From our skin and mucus membranes to our lymphatic system, lots of our bodily systems work together to prevent and fight foreign invasion.

Pharmacy shelves are chuck full of various drugs that promise relief from the onslaught of invaders. But you know what’s even better than taking a pill for that stuffy nose? Not having it stuffed up in the first place.

Traditional Chinese Medicine puts heavy emphasis on preventing ailments in the first place rather than treating them after they strike.

In peak state, bodies are more skilled and ingenious than any pill, making it our best first defense. Acupuncture does several things that can help our bodies function optimally and prevent those nasty colds and flus which threaten to keep us home from work and weekend plans. Some of the ways it’s believed to support the immune system is by increasing blood flow (because remember those white blood cells need to be able to act fast), improving gut health (the microbiome in the gut are responsible for about 70% of the immune system), triggering positive hormone production, and improving overall bodily communication through stimulating the nervous system.

For a multi-directional attack, we also proudly offer Chinese Herbal Medicine. We’ve seen great results using herbs with acupuncture to treat and prevent sickness with even more efficacy.

Want to feel like you’re winning at Life? Then it’s time to try out acupuncture

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